The band pretty much started by spontaneous combustion one night back in 1994.
Dave Turner on guitar, Chris Rose on drums and Don Janes on bass, took themselves down to the Main Street Saloon in
Janesville, WI.

The 3 of them played some music.
  They booked 10 shows off of that night and decided they had to come up with a name. hmmm.
Dave loved the comedian George Carlin and Carlin did a bit about blue foods. Dave was writing some lyrics at the time about opposites and things that didn't go together. And... "The Blue Olives" name was born.
Johnny, Anton & Ryan came aboard shortly after and Joan a few years more... Todd a bit later, and Rodney on drums is the newest kid on our block.
We have an incredible Olives alumni scrapbook of talented musicians who have graced the stage with us throughout the years who have helped drive the bus to where we are today.
We are so blessed to be living our dreams.
Dave - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Johnny - Bass & Lead Vocals
Anton - Trombone
Ryan - Saxophone
Joan - Saxophone & Lead Vocals
Todd - Keys & Lead Vocals
Rodney - Drums
Chad - Trumpet/flugelhorn
Band shots Rock the Docks - Aug 2015 - photos by Bob!

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